Safety Analyst Scope

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  • Safety Analyst addresses site-specific safety improvements that involve physical modifications to the highway system.
  • Safety Analyst is not intended for direct application to non-site-specific highway safety programs that can improve safety for all highway travel, such as vehicle-design improvements, graduated licensing, occupant restraints, or alcohol-/drug-use programs, but the software can identify sites where crashes that may be mitigated by such programs are expected to occur.
  • Safety Analyst has the capability to identify crash patterns at specific locations and determine whether those crash types are overrepresented, the frequency, and the percentage of particular crash types systemwide or for specified portions of the system (e.g., for a particular highway segment or intersection type). This capability can be used to investigate the need for systemwide engineering improvements (e.g., shoulder rumble strips on freeways) and for enforcement and public education efforts that may be effective in situations in which engineering countermeasures are not.
  • Safety Analyst can be used to implement the six steps of the highway safety management process in sequential order, and the software can be used in a modular fashion to perform network screening, diagnosis, countermeasure selection, etc., independently or separately without performing all steps of the highway safety management process.