Safety Analyst

Safety Analyst is a set of software tools used by state and local highway agencies for highway safety management. Safety Analyst implements state-of-the-art analytical procedures for use in the decision-making process to identify and manage a systemwide program of site-specific improvements to enhance highway safety by cost-effective means.
The software automates procedures to assist highway agencies in implementing the six main steps of the highway safety management process, including: network screening, diagnosis, countermeasure selection, economic appraisal, priority ranking, and countermeasure evaluation. Safety Analyst was developed as a cooperative effort by FHWA and participating state and local agencies. The software is available for licensing as an AASHTOWare product.

Why Safety Analyst?

  • Waiting for crashes to warrant action carries a high price tag. Safety Analyst can be used to proactively determine which sites have the highest potential for safety improvement, as opposed to reactive safety assessments done conventionally. Proactive procedures optimize crash reduction for every dollar invested in safety.
  • Statisticians and safety researchers widely acknowledge that conventional methods of counting crashes do not provide reliable estimates of true long-term levels of safety at a location.
  • Safety Analyst implements the most reliable procedures in Part B ("Roadway Safety Management Process") of the Highway Safety Manual, a national resource for quantitative information about crash analysis and evaluation.

What Can Safety Analyst Do For You?

  • Safety Analyst can play an important role so that highway agencies get the greatest possible safety benefit from each dollar spent in the name of safety.
  • Highway safety management is a data-intensive, statistically complex, and computationally rigorous process that is almost impossible to perform manually. Safety Analyst provides a comprehensive framework that automates the process and supports efficient decision making within an agency.
  • Safety Analyst can be used to create safety assessment reports based on rigorous data analysis to secure safety funds and justify their use.