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Countermeasure Evaluation Tool

The Countermeasure Evaluation Tool provides users with the ability to conduct before-and-after evaluations of implemented safety improvements. Such evaluations are highly desirable to increase knowledge of project effectiveness and supplement or improve the safety effectiveness measures for improvements available for use in SafetyAnalyst. This tool is capable of performing before-and-after evaluations by using the Empirical Bayes (EB) approach. The EB approach is a statistical technique that can compensate for regression to the mean, and it also allows for the proper accounting of changes in safety that may be due to changes in other factors, such as traffic volumes. This tool also provides users with a capability to evaluate shifts in proportions of collision types. Analyses can be performed to evaluate the effectiveness of individual countermeasures (or combinations of countermeasures) and construction projects. The user also has the option to conduct a benefit–cost analysis to assess the economic benefits of a countermeasure or construction project.